Finding Powers (Pt 2)

The bell rang for break. Skyrah and Amethyst stayed inside, while everyone else left, apart from Flamara. She went, and sat with the two girls. "Why haven't we got our powers yet?" Asked Skyrah. Flamara shrugged. She suddenly remembered something. "I have something for you, Skyrah!" she said. Amethyst, who was in on the secret, blindfolded Skyrah. They stood her up, and with her, they walked out behind the school, and round onto the field. They went right into the corner, and pulled off Skyrah's blindfold, revealing a little wooden shed. It had a little window, and it had been built by Amethyst and Flamara out of beachwood. Skyrah opened the door, and gasped.

Inside, the walls had been painted navy, and the floor carpetted with soft green fabric. Skyrah looked up. The ceiling had been painted navy too, with little glowing dots to represent stars, even in their constellations. The window had light blue curtains covering it. There was a large shelf, filled with books on aromatherapy, meditation and lots of story and information books. Skyrah opened a little cupboard close to the floor, and found bottles of incense oils, and a book of pressed flowers. 

They all sat down, and Skyrah asked, "Amethyst, can you sing to us?" she smiled, and nodded. She began to sing. It was a song about the far away sands of Egypt, and the pyramids there. The girls looked around, but Amethyst did not stop singing. The song had come to life around them. Amethyst stopped singing, and it disappeared. A little bag was on the floor. It was a bag full of warm sand. Amethyst smiled, and placed it onto the incense shelf.

Skyrah smiled, and hugged her friend. She sighed. Now it was only she who had no powers.

The End

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