Finding Powers

The children sat with eyes as big as plats as Flamara told more of her story, and what she could do. Amethyst looked at her thoughtfully, then looked at Lotus. "You think we have powers?" She asked. Flamara nodded. Sealantus had given up pouting, and had taken the form of a cat. Skyrah stroked his head. She laughed as Sealantus changed back and gave her a little 'meow'. Flamara shook her head. Apollo and Artemis stood, and ran round the room.

Apollo stopped, and Artemis ran into him. "Watch it!" He snarled, picking herself up. Artemis clenched her fists. "You're the one who stopped." she said coldly. They began to argue.

"Argh! You're such a jerk!" cried Artemis, and she pushed Apollo, and ice pushed him across the room. "Oh yeah?!" he roared, and pushed her, putting her costume on fire. She stopped, and Flamara put her out. They grinned, realizing what they had done. Taliesin stood, and, as usual, read his latest piece of poetry. It was about the gem amethyst, especially for his sister. She hugged him, and gasped. I beautiful piece of amethyst, just like his poem discribed. Taliesin started to write again. He read, and a beautiful bird flew round the room. He grinned. They let the bird fly away, and Taliesin gave the amethyst to his sister.

The End

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