As the 'special' kids walked into the classroom, Flamara glanced at Sealantus. The children sat down, waiting for their teachers to speak, apart from Lotus, who was fiddling with something round her neck. Sealantus raised an eyebrow. Flamara put a finger on his lips, stopping him from talking. AJ giggled. Flamara gulped, then sent Sealantus to get some juice and biscuits. "Oldest trick in the book." muttered Flamara, and she signaled for the children to gather round her. Flamara crossed her legs, and cupped her hands. a bird made out of fire soared round the room

. The children watched in amazement. She explained to them about her family, her powers, and about Sealantus too. Lotus coughed. She touched the little necklace she had been fiddling with, and she transformed into a red and black cobra. She turned back, and smiled. Sealantus came back to find most giggling, and frowned at Flamara. "You told them, didn't you?" he said. Flamara nodded. He swore.

"Don't swear in front of the children!" Flamara scolded him. Apollo dropped his cup, and swore. Flamara rolled her eyes, and the class laughed. "You tell me off but not him?! Not fair!" Sealantus folded his arms and sat on the floor pouting, making the children laugh even more.

The End

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