The Kids

Sealantus and Flamara walked into the school grounds, to see hundreds of students in their costumes. They were all chatting about the day's events, and the party after school in the huge hall. The bell rang, and everyone ran to form.

Flamara and Sealantus didn't teach normal classes. They taught the kids that were way above average. There were six kids they taught.

There was Taliesin, who lived up to his name as a fantastic poet, and who excelled in English, and was average in other subjects. He has light brown hair that cupped his face, blue eyes that twinkled merrily, and a pixie-like face. His older sister AJ, or Amethyst-jade, was the same, apart from her hair reached just beyond her shoulders. She was amazing at English and Music.

There was Apollo and Artemis, the twins who were lightning fast, and could throw a javalin just about half a mile away. Both had soft brown eyes and dark hair, and Artemis's curls bounced off her shoulders as she walked.

Lotus, who was amazingly graceful and fantastic at dance. Her teacher would get frazzled since she couldn't teach the girl anything that she already knew. She had white blond hair, and startling green eyes.

And then Skyrah. Skyrah was shy, but amazing at dance, drama and English. When all others went out to play, she would sit and meditate, read, or use aromatherapy. She had black hair in a bob, very pale skin, and ice blue eyes.

These children were all special. Both Royal Elementals could sense that they were not just top of their classes, but had some special power of some sorts.

The End

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