A New Beginning

Flamara mumbled and cursed as she got ready for her human work. It was raining, and Sealantus had nicked the only umbrella. "Grr..." was the first thing that came to Flamara's mind. She worked with Sealantus as teachers at a seinior school. As Flamara pulled on her coat, Sealantus came round the corner. He coughed. Flamara looked up and laughed, for Sealantus was wearing a vampire cloak and fake fangs. He took out the fangs and said, "Last day before term ends for Halloween, the teachers have to dress up, remember?" Flamara swore, and ran back upstairs. She came down a bit later wearing  a pair of black trousers, orange top with flowing sleeves, and she had stuck huge red feathers to her trousers like tail feathers. She wore a golden crown on her head, set with rubies.

Sealantus rolled his eyes. He glanced at the pendant of a flame that bounced on Flamara's chest, and down at is own teardrop one hidden in his cloak. "Flying to work, are we?" He asked her. She glared at him, and nodded. He grinned, and they both turned into birds; Sealantus was a swift, and Flamara as a swallow. They flew out of the open window, and flew into the rain. They landed in a bush, and transformed. Flamara sighed.

The End

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