The Royal Elementals

This is Flamara and Sealantus's story, before they went into the Hideout. You will meet their brothers and sisters, and how they got seperated...


Drakath was the eldest of the Royal Elementals. He was the King of Darkness. He controlled the darkness, and everything his sister, Suniria, couldn't get to. He wrapped his black cloak round the human world when night came. He had white skin, black hair, and eyes of the deepest inky purple

Suniria was the Light Queen. She controlled daylight, candles, and every flicker of light in the human world. She had long golden hair, bright blue eyes, and pale skin. She was the second eldest of the Royal Elementals. She rode her chariot of gold across the sky, dragging the sun behind her.

Russalka came after Suniria. She watched over the dead souls of the humans, and she would guide them into the Lake of Irina, where all souls were laid to rest. She had white skin, white hair, and blank irises, with pupils as black as night. She was the Queen of Spirit.

Next was Breathen and Rorokka, the twins. Breathen made sure that oxygen always flowed to the human world.  He had  white skin, pale eyes, and slightly blue hair. His sister, Rorocca, only moments younger, gave place for the humans to live. She has dark brown skin, ivy green hair, and pale green eyes. 

Then, came Sealantus and Flamara. Sealantus had to supply water to the earth the humans lived on, and made sure that most of the water was clean. He had pale blue skin, sharp green eyes and deep blue hair. Flamara, the youngest, gave warmth to the humans, though if they angered her flames, they would bite the humans. She had soot black skin, glowing orange eyes, and fiery red hair.


The End

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