The Royal Book Of Secrets: Chapter 1 (part 1/4)

This story is about a group of teens who go on a school trip to a large manor house. One of them had abright idea of hidding in the manor house; however little did they know that they would get lost from thier class. Unfortunately they then find themselves trapped there the night...What do they encounter? Do they ALL get out again? Will they ALL be seen again? What secrets does the manor house keep? Find out in this scary, sad, adventurouse and supernatural story...

"Come along everyone! " said Miss Milton as she directed everyone up to the next floor of the manor house. Miss Milton was a history teacher at Birchwood Secondary School. She was blode and not very tall. She was wearing a light purple, plain t-shirt and black leggings; she was wearing a long black cardigan too, which went down to her knees. The class of 9A were on a trip to the manor house. " Zoe, Emilie, Sophie, Joe, Josh and Charlie! Stop trailing behind. You'll get lost if you carry on like this." shouted miss Milton to a group of three girls and three boys who were trailing behind, looking curiously at the old relics. Zoe straight away apologized to her teacher and jogged to catch up with the rest of the class. Eventually the other five students caught up with Zoe too.

Out of the six children Zoe was the good one, with brown hair and brown Eyes; Emilie was the quiet on with curly, blonde hair and blue eyes; Sophie was the dramatic one with straight brown hair and blue eyes; Joe was the tall, funny one with ginger hair and hazel eyes; Josh was the inquisitive explorer with blode hair and blue eyes; and Charlie was the brains of the group with black hair and brown eyes.

The End

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