Marie’s hand shook as she opened the handle to the door. She felt the cold, dead emotion in the bottom of her stomach. A bad feeling. She knew, in a way, sort of, that this time she was unsuccessful.

They had killed her.

Marie crept into the sparse grey room. There was just a sheet less metal bed in the room. There was a white body slumped across the mattress. Her silence was unnerving. She had been virtually screaming with fear when before she died. She was revived, but they didn’t know whether it had worked or not.

Until now.

Marie went to the child and checked her pulse. It was there, just.

It stopped after a few seconds.

Marie had successfully resurrected her- but only for an hour.  She trudged solemnly out of the room, shaking her head. The other doctor, a man, scratched an X by her name.

Five cured...four dead.

The End

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