She Knows

Faith stood still, heart thumping.

‘You have not got any medical history whatsoever. I also discovered 34 Rowan Walk does not exist. I think you may have made a slight mistake.’ The doctor’s tone sly and...cold.Just like Faith’s skin.

Faith felt her skin grow cold and clammy. The mirror tilting at an angle on the waiting room wall told her all that all remaining colour had escaped her face.

‘Also, you think you can leave hospital when you feel? It was looking like an overnight stay to me.’

Her teeth were sharpening.

‘Anyway, you need a parent to pick you up. Only you don’t have a parent. No-one. You don’t even have ahome,FAITH ISABELLA ROWAN.’

That was it. Faith’s body was shaken by aggression. Cold aggression. The disease kicked in, and Faith turned around, all set to kill her. But a tough arm lodged in her chest, leaving her clawing out to thin air. Someone else had got her.

‘We are not stupid. We’ve tracked you for ages. This is no ordinary hospital, Rowan.’ This was a man’s voice, coming from the scowling face by Faith’s terrified one.

Faith silently swallowed.

‘I don’t care how long you keep me here. Just tell me what’s going on.’

The End

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