Waking up and Faking names

The blanket was soft. So soft. She lay half asleep, half awake. She loved the softness of the bed. She hated not knowing where she was.

Where was she?

It dawned on Faith that she was totally lost. Lost, yet happy. This bed is soft. That was all she could think of. Stupid her. Why was that? What was wrong with her?

A woman ambled into the room. Her wrinkled face and smooth doctor uniform contrasted strongly. She shuffled to Faith and smiled; her deep coral lips stretching across her face like the hair elastic lost in her wild hair.

‘Hello…’ she whispered. ‘Are you OK? You collapsed outside the library. You felt like you were burning, but it seems your temperature was normal.’

Faith jolted slightly. She wasn’t normal…normally.

‘We need to get some personal details, OK?’ The doctor pulled out a notebook. ‘Name?’

Faith knew that she couldn’t tell her the truth. She could think of a name. Any name.

‘Rebekah Rano. With a K.’

The doctor looked up, her nametag catching the light.Dr Marie Benet. ‘Age?’

‘Fifteen-I mean, Sixteen. Birthday today.’ She didn’t have to lie about that. Anyone could have been born on the same day.

‘Happy Birthday. Anyway…address?’

‘Umm…34 Rowan Walk.’ Faith always told people this. She couldn’t be found out or…

‘Don’t know that place. It’s not local, is it?’

‘No.’ Faith assured her.

‘OK. You get some rest, while I check up on your medical record. Bye.’ Dr Benet turned and left, her heels creating a soft click on the floor.

As soon as she had gone, Faith leapt up. The ward was empty. She had to get out. She checked herself in the mirror, to see any telltale hospital signs.  They hadn’t put her in one of the hideous gowns, thank goodness. Faith crept out the ward, but as soon as she got out she ran down the corridors. There weren’t going to get her, imprison her, and call her crazy. Not ever.

Faith darted down the stairs, passing all the rooms in the hospital that nobody knew what they were there for, she had almost got to the waiting room when a familiar voice, though this time in a harsher setting, rang through her ears.

‘And where do you think you’re going, ‘Rebekah Rano’?’ said Dr Marie Benet.

The End

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