The Rot

This is an ambiguous literary story. I left most of it for the reader to figure out. The main char. is Baker Warren and they live in a rotting city...


The sun rose over the high buildings of the decrepit, wretched city. Without constant care, the city had begun to rot inside and out. Baker Warren pulled out a cigarette from their pocket and put it into their mouth. The lighter they kept in their jacket pocket. It was an old lighter, the kind you have to keep replacing the fluid all the time. It was their father’s from the war. They placed their fingers to the cigarette and snapped their fingers. Orange and red flames danced and lit the cigarette. With a flick of their hand, the light blew out. Baker sat on their stoop like they always did every morning before having to take the afternoon shift at the guard. Baker hated the afternoon shift, but a person’s got to work.

No normal person lived in this city. If they did it probably wouldn’t look so bad. All the normal folks left years ago for the next city over. The world had forgotten this old city. The people left were less than normal.

Baker watched as two “ladies” in red walk by and wave flirtatiously to Baker. Baker waved back. The “ladies” giggled in response. Then Baker heard two angry heavy footsteps come up behind Baker from inside the old apartment.

“Baker, what are you doing? Get back inside and get out of those ugly clothes. You have to work later and tonight,” the dinosaur remarked.

Baker ignored their yelling and waved “okay” to them.

“Make sure you wear that sexy outfit tonight. The patrons want to see some sexy. Don’t you dare walk in wearing your usual attire!”

Then they snorted and stomped back inside.

Baker normally does the complete opposite of what the old dinosaur tells them. Baker looked down at their outfit. They were dressed in black leather pants, a t-shirt, black leather combat boots, and a black leather coat. Baker shrugged at the dinosaur’s complaint about their “usual attire”.

The End

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