The Return Of The Rosy Smell

If you happen to be reading this talen then you must know that it is not a story of giddy fairies and desperate princesses. No, this is a tale of woe. One that I write only becuase my mind will not allow me to forget the awful events.It all happened one miserable day in October, in the senior high school of the small city of cabbage field. We follow myself and five of my friends as our day progressed from normal, to just plain horrifying.

I was a tall, scrawny kid back then, actually capable of walking up the stairs without damaging my knees. We all sat in English class, barely listening to Ms. Dithers blab on about Charles Dickens. My football team captain friend, Trevor, sat beside me making rude imitations of the teacher, Behind him sat Vicky, who was busy texting everyone about her sweet seventeen-and -a-half party tonight. In front of me was Greg, the thirty year old who failed over and over...his wife beats him into going here, or so he says. At the back of the room sat Beth, the goth chick who was writing sucide notes again. And at the front of the class sat Fran, the bushy hiared ginger girl who had made the honour roll since pre-school. Once the bell rang, Beth approached us in the hall where we were gathered. " Guys...tonight the spirits of eternal darkness will be stronger than ever." Trevor raised his brows. " Umm, so?" Beth rolled her eyes. " So, this school is a gate to hell, which means that if we stay here late...we can have a seance and talk with them!" Vicky frowned. " But my party..." Beth glared at her with fury. " Seventeen and a half is nothing to celebratem it just means you've spent another half a year in this miserable existence!" She grinned slyly. " Besides, I just told the whole school your dad has leprosy, so no one will show up." Vicky frowned but agreed to do the seance as she had no other plans. I sighed. " So it's setteled, we'll go wiat in the boiler room and do this...thing in Ms. Dithers' room, we all know thats the closest place to Hell."

Later that night...

Beth drew a chalk pentagram and some other symbols inside. We all sat in a circle, holding hands. Beth lit a candle and placed it in the center of the circle. " Spirits of the dark, I, Beth Hope-" Trevor sniggered at the name. Beth hissed quietly. " I, Beth Hope Cooper, call you forth on this miserable black night, come to us so we may see your...dead, and spirity forms!" Fran burst out laughing. " Do you honestly think that there are ghosts?" Beth narrowed her eyes and chanted again as the light flickered. Fran rose to her feet. " Well that, I'm going to go and do something valuable with my time!" She left the room and entered the hall. As she walked, the lockers began to open and slam themselves shut. Fran shook her head and quickened her pace, muttering that ghosts are not real. As she rounded the corner she smelled a sweet rosy smell, she looked over her shoulder and screamed as her vision went it oftem does with gingers. Meanwhile in the classroom...

We all jumped as we heard a scream. Vicky shrieked and Beth laughed. " They're Heeeere!" I rolled my eyes. " Fran's just messing with us, lets just go." Beth cleaned up her chalk and we all proceeded down the hall. Vicky screamed again as we all saw Fran's body. Her head had been crushed between a locker door. Beth shook her head. "The spirits are still hungry, she had no soul for them to feed on." We proceeded to the doors, only to find them locked. Trevor punched the door and we heard a crack as his hand broke. " Aw crap, I'll go get the first aid kit!" He ran off to the nurse station, Vicky followed for what she called " Backup." Once at the nurse station, Trevor and Vicky began looking fot the kit. " Now I definitely won't make it to my part-" Trevor sighed in annoyance, " No one cares about your stupid party!" Vicky shut up and sat in a chair to pout. Trevor went into the back room and smelled a sweet rosy smell as he let out a rather woman-like screech as his throat was gouged with syringes. Vicky heard the screech and saw Trevor tumble out of the room, quite dead. Vicky raced out into the hall, screaming " Trevor's dead you guys!" Vicky saw a flicker of movement to her right and she dove into a janitors closet. She bolted the door and began to hyperventilate...until she smelled a sweet rosy smell. She blinked in amazement at what she saw and whipped out her phone. " I have a rape whistle app and I will use it!" Unfortunately she was beat to death with a mop.

Gred, Beth an I heard the screams and barricaded ourselves in the cafeteria. Greg was trying to break inside the vending machine to feed his choco-puffs addiction, the readon for his wife's abuse. Beth was lying on a table, her arms in a coffin position, smiling. " Best-night-ever!" I was sitting on a bench a few feet away, clutching a golf club. " Yeah sure Beth, its awesome, except for the fact that we're all about to die!" She shrugged and began whispering to herself. Greg was unable to find any candy and was moaning about his hunger. " Guys, can we PLEASE go check the machine in the teachers lounge!" Beth sighed with boredom and we followed Greg into the hall. Beth holding her little blade and Greg wielding a fire extinguisher. In the hall we rounded corner just by the main office and stood outside the lounge door. Greg, like a beast, kicked down the door. " I was saving that kick for my wife, but I guess this is pretty important too!" He rushed inside and. " ARGH!" Something tackled him to the floor. I rushed in and brought the golf club down like a flaming sword of ultimate destruction. " OUCH!" the figure yelled as it rolled over. I saw it was principal Figgs. " What are you kids doing here?!" Beth coughed out. " I have an idea" She pulled me aside and whispered. " The spirits want our souls...if we sacrifice someone." She looked at prnicipal Figgs. " Maybe that'll appease them!" I stared at her for a moment. " You are one sick person Beth...but it's worth a shot!"

We walked over to him and quickly threw a bag over his head and tied him to the coffee table. " You are all expelled!" was the last thing he said before greg covered his nouth. Beth held her small blade over the man's heart. " Spirits! we give you this offering in exchange for our safety!" She plunged the dagger in the man's heart. Principal Figgs screamed in agony as Beth looked at the blade. " Dammit, it's dull!" and stabbed over and over until he grew silent. Greg looked at the body and grew pale. " I'm going to be sick!" and rushed into the hall. He heaved into the restroom toilet and began to wash his face with cold water. He looked into the mirror and saw behind him the face of Ophelia. Greg smelled a sweet rosy smell as his troat was ripped out by the claws of one stuck up batch of cookies!

Beth and I took the body to the swimming pool and dumped it in the steam room. " I can't believe we sumoned the spirits of the dead tonight!" Beth was giggling as she cleaned her blade. " You realize you're insane right?" I told her. She looked at me calmly, her blue eyes peircing my green. She was actually quite stunning if it wasn't for all that makeup. She blushed a little. " What are you staring at?" I smiled and stood closer to her. " Beth your sort" She smiled, whispering. " You just figured this out?" She kissed me tenderly but soon it became lazy as she slumped to the floor, twitching. " Beth, what's wrong?" I helped her to her feet and she stared at me, her eyes were black as night. " name is Ophelia!" I shook my head and took a step back. " You died in the woods moths ago!" Ophelia laughed cruelly. " Thanks to this freak, I walk again!" Her eyes flashed to blue. " Dude! you've got to kill me, it's the only way!" I shook mky head again. " No, I can't!" Ophelia screeched and had her hands around my throat. " You have too. like in the movies, my folks won't care, they didn't care about Pete when he died!" It was true, no one did. I threw Beth off of me and grabbed the club. Beth raised a hand. " Wait..use this!" She threw me a small pistol and I raised it to her chest. " Do it now!" She lunged for me and I fired, two shots and she crumpled. I dropped the gun and held her in my arms. She grinned at me, tears in her eyes. " get out, the school is going to he-" she died there. The ground shook violently and I ran out into the halls, the roof was falling and the floors cracked apart. I burst through the doors and ran across the street as the school sunk into the earth.

That night I ran from town, took a plane to Rome...and never spoke of it to anyone.

I now live in fear, in a dingy old hotel room, writing this sad tale with only dirty scraps of paper and a chunk of graphite. I smell the sweet rosy smell as I sleep, even now, when I'm awake.

The End

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