The Rosy Smell

Six friends go camping in the woods...until something seriously wrong occurs.

There were six of us that summer, camping in the isolated woods. If only we knew what lurked in those trees. We set up the tent as Henry, my womanizing best friend stared at the curves of one Miss Ophelia. The girl was applying makeup to her already overly powdered face. Charlie and Tiffany were pretending they weren't flirting (they were awful at hiding it). And poor pete, who sat by the fire doing who knows what...but no one cares. That night we all sat beside the fire, Charlie and Tiffany played a poorly hidden game of footsies while Ophelia complained about cell service. Henry, Pete and I began to roast some marshmallows. " Henry, just go and talk to her will you?" I whispered softly. Henry raised an eyebrow and replied with the usual " No, I can't!" I rolled my eyes and Pete started to speak. " Henry do I-" But Henry cut him off. " Shut it Pete, no one cares!" he snapped as he stood. "I'll go get some more wood." Henry stormed off into the woods. A long ways into the woods, while collecting sticks and kindling, Henry caught the faint scent, a sweet rosy smell. He turned to see...he felt a sharp pain as he was disembowled.

Back at camp, a cry arose that startled all but Ophelia who was once again, applying makeup. Charlie got to his feet. " You guys hear that?" Pete began to nod. " Yeah...I think it w-" " Shut it Pete, no one cares." Pete lowered his face and silenced himself. I walked over to the edge of the woods where I saw something move, far off into the distance. I merely shrugged and clambered into the tent. Another sound pierced the air and Charlie groaned as he started towards the woods. " Henry?!" Chalie continued for several feet until he smelled a sweet rosy smell. He turned to see something and screamed. Charlie desperately booked it for camp but totally wiped out on a branch. The thing grabbed his head and dashed his brains out on a stone.

A scream was heard and Tiffany, who was chattering on and on about Charlie, stopped suddenley and whispered. " Hear that? Charlie wants to play Tarzan!" Pete cleared his throat. " Umm, I think th-" " Shut it Pete!" Tiffany skipped off into the woods. " Char Char? where are you?" Tiffany pranced along for quite sometime before she stumbled over a fleshy thing. She beheld the mutilated corpse of " Char." She suddenley smelled a sweet rosy smell. Tiffany turned to see something and pulled out her purse. " Take it!" Poor Tiffany, bludgeoned to a pulp with her own purse.

Ophelia looked away from her makeup for once and sighed. " I wish they'd get a room!" Pete stood. " I think that It-" Ophelia glared at him. " I don't care what you think!" Ophelia ran off to go gossip with Tiffany but soon found her body. " Tsk, raped in the woods...she's living my dream!" Ophelia kicked the corpse in a way only a snobby socialite could. A sweet rosy smell filled her nostrils and she turned to see... Ophelia raised a brow and pulled out her phone. " You touch me, and I'll kill you socially." She was beeotch slapped to death.

Pete stood up, looking worried. He yelled to me. " Hey, I think-" I didn't let him finish. "I do not CARE Pete!" Pete ran off into the woods to find a stick to stab himself with...he found a pile of corpses as he smelled a sweet rosy smell. He turned to see... A voluptuous bathing suit clad babe with bloody hands. Pete grew too excited and was unfortunately strangled with his underwear. I awoke to see this babe in my tent, a knife in her hands. I kicked for her abdomen, maybe assassinate the devil spawn in there, She doubled over and I high tailed it to my wouldn't start. I panicked as I tried again, the thing emerged from the tent and began to charge towards me. The car sprang to life and I floored it into her stunning face. I awoke in a hospital and now, as I sit at my desk, writing these tragic events...I smell a sweet rosy smell.

The End

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