Chapter 4.3

Elizabeth sat down on the bed in the room and sighed. What a wonderful encounter. As she sat there in thought, the ship shook and shuddered in the rain. It was raining hard out. And something else was going on.

Commotion rang out over the ship.

“Captain! A ship has been sighted!”

Captain grabbed the looking glass and stared at the horizon. There, was a ship sailed forward, plowing through the waters of the rough sea.

“Captain! It’s the Firetail!”

Captain cursed loudly. He slammed the telescope down on the ground.

“To your spots everyone! We have a battle to face and friends to defeat!”

The Firetail was closer than they had thought.

“Captain! She’s coming straight towards us!”

“How? The Firetail cannot be faster than the Dirk!”

“She’s got her rowers out!”

Captain cursed. It would be too late now to bring the Dirk’s rowers out.

“Turn her around!” Captain shouted. The ship veered to the side and began turning towards the other direction, but it was too late. Seconds later, the Firetail slammed into the Dirk. The ship rocked to it’s side and suddenly, a cry rang out from all sides. The battle had begun.

The End

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