Chapter 4.2

Elizabeth turned around and noticed two pairs of eyes watching her. One was the prostitute. And the other was a.... maid? What was a maid doing here? Wasn’t there only supposed to be 2 females in the ship. The maid would make 3......

“She....” Elizabeth pointed at the maid in confusion. The prostitute seemed to have noticed her confusion and reached up to grabbed the hair off the maid’s head.

“Is a man.”

“What?” Why was a man pretending to be a maid?

“A coward. Tried to escape and failed. So, he got condemned to a maid.”


The prostitute smiled at her sharply.

“So you’re a mop girl. Am I right?”

Elizabeth only nodded. The prostitute got up and circled her once.

“Not bad for a mop girl.” She nodded, muttering to herself. “Well, well.”

She sighed.

“You better not steal any of my customers.” She hissed.

Elizabeth shook her head bewildered. Of course not! She would never. The prostitute seemed to notice her bewilderment. She laughed slightly more light heartedly.

“Well, good.” She stuck out her hand. “Angela.”

“Elizabeth.” Elizabeth shook is.

“Welcome to the Dirk.” She grinned. “Well, let’s go, Vickie.” She dragged the maid and left the room through another door.

The End

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