Chapter 4.1

“Captain! A storm cloud!”

Captain was standing on the deck.

“How far?”

“A few miles at the most. We’ll be hitting it in less than an hour.”

Captain nodded. He thought for a moment before shouting to everyone on deck.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Everyone, get moving! To your places! We’re taking this girl in!”

The deck immediately bustled with life as everyone prepared for the storm. The masts were drawn and everyone was set in place.

The storm approached the ship faster then they thought, but the ship was well prepared and as the rain began beating down in the ship, the oars extended out of the ship and promptly pushed the ship forward.

“Draw the masts!” Captain shouted. The crew bustled to life again. As they worked around the deck, Elizabeth was pushed roughly aside.

“Hey!” She shouted, but her voice was lost underneath all of the noise. Someone suddenly shoved her backwards.

“Get out of the way, mop girl! You should be below deck!”

A pair of hands shoved her roughly into a room. The door slammed behind her and she winced at the lock clicked loudly. She was never informed of this.

The End

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