Chapter 3.4

“Jake?” Elizabeth finally asked after a moment of silence.


“Who is Angela?”

Elizabeth saw him lurch suddenly.

“You met her?” He asked , eyeing her intensely.

“Well, I was just mopping, and a girl came out and...”

“She’s the prostitute.”

Elizabeth nodded. She knew that so far.


“And what?”

“I don’t know. How old is she?”

“17.” He answered curtly.

Elizabeth’s eyes flew open.

“17? That crazy!”

Jake only nodded.

“Jake?” Elizabeth peered at his face which was contorted into a white stony mask. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He muttered.

“No. Tell me. Maybe I can help.”

“You wouldn’t.”

“How would you know?”

“I just know and that’s that.” He rose from her bed and walked out of the room.

Elizabeth didn’t chase after him.

That night, Elizabeth dreamed of potato chip prostitutes.

The End

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