Chapter 3.2

That night, after swallowing the stale bread she was given, Elizabeth walked back on deck.

It was a nice night and the air was fresh. She was finally starting to get use to the rocking of the sea, not that she had bad seasickness in the first place. The only thing she could get use to was the lack of company. And the bad food.

She felt her stomach grumble. The stale bread wasn’t enough.

“Still hungry?”

Elizabeth jumped in surprise. She whirled around and saw Jake standing there. She shot him a glare.


He tossed her a small bag.

“Have some.”

Elizabeth opened the bag and looked inside.

“Chips? Is that all you have? Chips aren’t even filling.”

“Yeah. The chef had some extra potatoes. Chips are a luxury here.”

“Chips? Why chips? Why not french fries, or just even baked potatoes?”

“Chips last.”

“Chips get soggy!”

“If you don’t want them, I’ll take them back.”

“I want them.”

“Then don’t complain.” He muttered.

Elizabeth sighed.

“I’m tired.” And she turned to walked off.

The End

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