Chapter 2.6

“So what were you doing out here?” Elizabeth finally asked.

“I needed some air. It gets stuffy down below you know.”

“Yeah, but how did you get my clothes?”

“You left them on the table.”

“You were in the captain’s cabin?”

“Just Captain, no ‘the’.”

“Whatever.” Elizabeth rolled her eyes.

“Well I was passing through. I left something there. Captain asked, so I grabbed your clothes for you.”

“Huh.” Elizabeth just nodded. “What did you leave?”

“You’re nosy aren’t you?”

Elizabeth’s face flushed a slightly bit red.

“I’m just curious.” She retorted.

The man sighed.

“I left a book there. Nothing special.”

“What book?”

“A journal. Not for your eyes.”


The silence resumed again. Finally the man pushed himself back from the railing.

“You should go the bed mop girl.”

“I have a name you know.”

“You never told me.”


He nodded.

“Yours?” Elizabeth asked.

He paused for a moment.

“Jake. Jake Kilimon.”

The End

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