Chapter 2.5

Elizabeth leaned against the edge of the railing, staring out into the horizon. The sun had just set and night sky glowed with stars. There was a slight breeze and she shivered. Boy did she wish she had grabbed those clothes on her way out.

“You forgot your clothes.” Elizabeth recognized the voice. It was the one that didn’t look like a pirate. She whirled around and grabbed the clothes his hand.

“Thank you.” She muttered before she turned back to the ocean.

“What did he ask you?” He asked, leaning in besides her.

“Nothing. He wanted to know if I wanted to join the crew.” She muttered, scooching over a little. Not so close yet.

“Well did you?”

“No.” She gazed into the water. “He wanted to me to eat with my hands. Do you see the dirt on them? That captain is crazy!”

He chuckled lightly.

“Captain is a little crazy in his own way. You know though, that he was testing you.”

“Testing me? For what?”

“I don’t know.” He shook his head. “No one knows really what goes on in his head. He tests everyone. Some people say he’s insane, but he’s completely fine. He just... goes about things differently.”

“Oh.” Elizabeth sighed. That was a little creepy, but at least she had an explanation for the man’s crazy interrogation.

There was a moment of silence as they both stared into the water.

The End

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