Chapter 2.4

“Manners?” She asked with a mouthful of food, looking up at him quizzically.

“Hands. No need for silverware.”

Elizabeth looked at her grimy hands. There was no way she was going to eat with her hands.

“Um, no thanks.” She resumed her eating.

Captain stared at her intently.

“If you want to survive on here, you’re going to have to throw away those manners.” He finally said curtly. Elizabeth froze. She didn’t mean to invoke this kind of manner in him. But staring down at her hands, she knew that there was no way she was going to eat with them. So her only other option was to deal with Captain. That didn’t seem too bad.

“And so what if I didn’t want to?” She questioned.

“Then you will stay as slave girl forever.” His fist slammed down on the table. “You will regret that.”

“I am not eating with my hands!” Elizabeth cried indignantly. “Do you see this? I would get sick from doing that!”

She waved her dirty hands in front of Captain’s face.

“Anyways.” She continued after she put her hands down. “Does eating with silverware make that much of an issue?”

Captain’s mouth curled into a cruel smile. He was thinking of something.

“Urgh!” Elizabeth sighed exasperated and she took advantage of that pause to storm out of the room. There. That was a way to end a conversation.

The End

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