Chapter 2.2

The door of the captain’s cabin creaked open as Elizabeth peeked in.

“Come in.” A low gravelly voice beckoned.

Elizabeth tiptoed in, feeling slightly like a thief, even though she had all the right to walk in.

“Sit down.” He beckoned, waving to a chair near the table.

The captain’s cabin looked more like one big dining room. The wooden floor was furnished with a thick rug that rubbed sweetly against her sore feet. A chandelier hung from the low wooden ceiling and swung slowly to the rhythm of the sea. The table was set with rich furnishes and large lush velvet chairs. The table was set with a feast. Much too many plates for just one person, or even two. The captain was sitting at the end of the table, head resting heavily on his hand, which was propped up against a soft armrest. The light didn’t seem to reach him and he sat in a shadow. Elizabeth almost wouldn’t have noticed him if it were for him speaking.

Elizabeth walked gingerly over, sitting down at the only other chair around the long table.

“Your clothes are over there.” He said, pointing to a folded bundle besides her.

There was a moment of silence as Elizabeth opened the bundle, revealing a set of clothes, of course men’s clothes, but they were fitting. At least they looked fitting.

The captain cough impatiently.

“Are you going to stared at those clothes for the rest of the evening?”

Elizabeth quickly put them down.

“No, sorry.” She responded meekly.

“You may eat if you wish.” He said gesturing to the table of food. A plate with silverware was set in front of her. She reach over and took a slice of chicken.

The End

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