Chapter 2.1

That night, after a day of mopping, she was thrown into a random cabin with a piece of stale bread and a cup of water. She tried to bite into the rock are thing and eventually resorted to banging it against the floor. Even then, the bread refused to break.

There was a knock on her door.

“Come in.”

A skinny man pushed open the door.

“Capt’in invites you to dinner.”

Elizabeth stared at him for a moment.

“What? I think you have the wrong person.”

The skinny man shook his head.

“He asked specifically for the new female. You and the prostitute are the only 2 females on this ship. The prostitute isn’t new. It has to be you.”

The prostitute? Great. So was she going to become the next prostitute suddenly?

“And what if I don’t wish to go?”

“Capt’in told us to tell you that your clothes are waiting.”

“I can always get them later.” She said with a smirk.

“He says he’ll burn them after tonight. And there won’t be new clothes until next month.”

Elizabeth’s eyes opened wide. She pushed herself up and rushed out of the room.

“Where’s the cabin?” She demanded.

“Uh, first door on the right...” The man trailed off as he watched the receding figure of Elizabeth rushing to the Captain’s cabin. He had never seen anyone so excited for something.

The End

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