Chapter 1.5

Elizabeth woke up with a groan. Her head felt like a series of imploding time bombs going off one after the other and everything looked blurry. You wouldn’t think getting hit with a stick would be that bad...

Elizabeth stumbled up from the bed, noticing that she was still wearing her nightgown. She shivered slightly as she grabbed hold of the bedstand. Was it just her, or was the ship rocking back and forth? She stumbled forward and pushed open the door of the room. Immediately, she was thrown out onto the deck. Elizabeth peeked out from behind the railing and was faced with the sea. She gasped and sunk back down. So it wasn’t her. The boat really was out at sea.

“You’re awake.”

Elizabeth barely pushed herself around as she faced the same man. She managed a nod.

“You fared better than all of the others I’ve dealt with.”

“Others?” She questioned. Was this all a setup?

“That is none of your business.” He muttered gruffly as he shoved her upright. “Your now the mop girl on the ship now.”

“Wait what?” She blinked slightly confused.

“You were picked up as mop girl. Now get to it.” He shoved a mop roughly into her hands and left. “And don’t try slacking. There will be consequences.”

Elizabeth could only sigh and mop the floor. Did she really just get stuck on an 18th century ship as a mop girl? She could only hope that she was dreaming.

The End

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