Chapter 1.4

Elizabeth clambered onto the ship. She felt like a little kid again as she balanced herself on the slanted wooden floor of the ship. She stared into the horizons as she let the breeze blow past her hair. The sun was just peeking out from behind the water and casted a soft orange glow to the water. It was in her mind absolutely delicious.

“How did you get here girl?” A gruff voice rang out from behind her just as she was about to leave. She whirled around and saw a man that looked just like a pirate. And it wasn’t that she had issues with describing people. There was no other word that could fit him other than pirate.

His skin was a dark tan and glisten in the sun. His face was mangled with scars and a menacing eyepatch covered his right eye. Long strands of black hair draped his shoulders and a hat thrown roughly on his head. His clothes were in tatters, billowing loosely in the wind, held together only by the belt around his waist. There was a sword, pistol and a knife. And he had no other expression on his face other than one of a pirate dealing with a stowaway he just caught trying to steal gold out of the captain’s cabin.

“I- I saw this ship and I-”

But the man didn’t wait for her to finish. He lifted his hand and clogged her in the head with a stick. Elizabeth sunk down to the ground unconscious. The man leaned down and picked her up with a smirk on his face.

“Curiosity killed the cat. And resurrection doesn’t exist.”

The End

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