Chapter 1.3

So this became the daily routine for the next few days. A slam, a fainted man and another day back in bed. It was tiresome, but Elizabeth was curious. What was so important about the sea that the man was so drawn to it?

Today though, the slam never came. Elizabeth waited for it. But it never came. She got up from her seat near the window and creeped into the room. There the man sat gazing sadly at the sea.

“You didn’t leave.” She finally said, breaking to silence. The old man only nodded. “Why do you want to leave so bad?”

He was silent for a while, thinking, before he responded.

“Have you travelled the seas before?”

Elizabeth shook her head.

“Well, you sure are missing out on a lot then.”

And that was all he said. Elizabeth left the room puzzled. Someone who traveled the seas? What was he? A pirate? She shook her head and left.

The next morning, she heard a shout. Elizabeth scrambled up and opened the door of the room, the man wasn’t there. Surprised, she looked around frantically, eventually, coming to the conclusion that he finally left. She pushed open the door and to her surprise, saw a large wooden ship docked on land.

What was an 18th century ship doing here? She walked up to inspect it. It smelled deeply of the sea and the wood was still wet. Across the bow, “The Rosy Dirk” was painted carefully in large script letters. While she felt the strong urge of imminent danger on that ship, she was curious. Curiosity killed the cat. But satisfaction revived.

The End

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