Chapter 1.1

The wind blew against Elizabeth’s face as she stood on the beach. It was a warm day, but she still shiver slightly. The sand tickled her feet as she walked into the water. It felt so good to be able to relax again. After days of work, a vacation was really nice.

Elizabeth decided in a quick stroll down the beach. It was a long beach, but loosely populated. She wondered why. It wasn’t like the beach was terrible or anything. There were plenty of beach houses as well. But there just didn’t seem to be too many people here. But it fit her well.

As Elizabeth looked down the empty shore, she spied a large black heap of something, lying on the shore a few hundred meters away from her. She jogged over curiously, wondering if it was some sea animal washed up onto shore. But as Elizabeth closed in, she realized that it was a man. An old man washed up onto shore.

Elizabeth leaned in and pushed the man over. He was still alive, but barely breathing. what poor old man would get stuck in this kind of dilemma? Elizabeth sighed with pity. She lifted the old man up and carried him home. She wasn’t quite ready to give him up to a hospital just yet. There wasn’t one nearby and she didn’t want to risk driving all the way to one and have him die on the road. Anyways, what if this man was a convict? She could just let the police take him away again. There had to be some story behind him.

There was an extra bed in the beach house just in case she ever had visitor, not that she ever would. But now that bed was occupied by the old man after Elizabeth had given him as good of a clean up as she could. The man had been unconscious the whole time, only muttering occasionally. “Save her!” or “Not the Dirk!” or something else completely bizarre.

Elizabeth watched the shaggy old man intently for a while. He was old and worn. Scars were prominent across his face and danced around his arms. He had gone through a lot. But what? Was he abused or something? Or was he mentally depressed? What in this world could cause all these scars which were all obvious cut marks?

Elizabeth got up and left to make something for him. What was that man from?

The End

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