You haven't been on an adventure until you've been on the Rosy Dirk, an 18th century wooden pirate ship that goes around looting anything from fishing ships to the modern US Navy.

“Oh my god, Elizabeth, I need to tell you about my latest adventure!” An annoying voice over the phone chattered quickly.

“What Emily?” Elizabeth sighed, tired of the constant bragging of an old friend. If you call a friend someone who took advantage of everything you had.

“I just went sky diving.”


“Yeah. Joe offered and of course, who was going to refuse? So I went. It was amazing! You should have come.”

“I wasn’t invite.


“But I couldn’t have afford to waste that money either. Remember?” Elizabeth pointed out sadly.

“Yeah. That’s why you marry someone.”

Elizabeth sighed. Emily just had to rub in the fact that she was married as well. Such a wonderful friend.

“Well, I have to go. I’ll be late for work.”

“Oh.” The voice over the line sounded slightly offended at the sudden break of the conversation. “Well, see you later then.”


Elizabeth hung up the phone. As she packed up for work, she swore that she would definitely allow herself a vacation this summer. Maybe go to the beach house she just got a few weeks ago.

The End

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