Confront the King

Eternia, not knowing her father's intention all along, went up to him and asked.

"Dear father, I saw this beautiful flower from a book given by Celestial. This lovely flower's beauty has deeply enchanted me. It bears the name of the Rose. Dear father, have you heard of it before? Why haven't I seen it in the gardens?", Eternia spoke while looking deeply into her father's eyes with much curiosity.

The king, suddenly remembered some old words told by his magician about her daughter, "Your precious princess must not touch the Rose, must not see, must not smell... Your princess shall meet with undesired fate if given the Rose.. However, it will be her fate to know about it, it will be her struggle to face it...."

The King startled when those words came flashing into his mind.

Shocked in fear, he..


The End

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