The Rose

flower . life . love

Once, there was a princess, Eternia, who loves flowers as much as how she would love her life.  However, despite her love for flowers, her father, the king, has protected her by only growing flowers which are safe for her in the garden, as in without thorns, without poison.

In such, the princess will never get to see flowers such as Iris, Lycoris and many more, especially the Rose.

Till one day, when she turned 18, she was gifted a book about flowers, an encyclopedia of flowers by her friend, Celestial, a princess from a nearby country, who came to visit her. Not known by the king about the gift, Eternia read about all sorts of flowers that she has never seen before in the garden. When she saw the Rose, she was enchanted by the beauty of it.

She was so excited. But was puzzled on why there are so many flowers in the garden, but not of the Rose..

She decided to..


The End

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