The Rope That BindsMature

A young woman in a coma tries to understand how she got there, while navigating a strange dreamscape to find the answers she seeks. (Horror)

I walk through this strange world, looking for some kind of answer. I don’t belong here, I know this much. But then, where do I belong?

I don’t even remember how I got here.

The sky is the color of lilacs, and the water is clear. I haven’t met anyone in this place. It is so lonely here. The ground is bare, but it does harbor a few buildings, but they are unimportant to me. I’ll investigate them later.

I’ve been in a dark cold void for so long, but now I’m here. It’s a nice change to the constant darkness.  The only thing that is consistent in this place is the occasional red rope. It’s random, but it must have some significance right?

I go to one of the buildings to investigate, and find a note. It’s in clumsy written cursive but it’s readable:

How long is this going to go on? I can’t take much more.

Suddenly I find myself in a classroom, large and somewhat frightening. I turn to see a group of people mocking a person in the corner. How weak she is. How she’s a loner. That she’s useless.

 “Stop it!” I shout, but it goes unheard. I can do nothing here but observe. Maybe this is a memory? One of the others hit her and run, along with the others. Then I see her. A younger me is crying in the corner covered in bruises.

They don’t know the truth. She says to me, holding the note.

I rush to her to help, but her body begins to distort and then she starts to wail, hurting my ears. The next thing I know I’m in the ruins of the place one again, the note on the floor. I’m shaken and confused, but I know I must go on.

I leave the building and gather the red rope from the ground outside. It might mean something. I make my way to the next one, this time with a tape greeting me. I slip it into the player next to it and sit in a rotted chair to listen.

Guy: (laughter) you’re so fucking stupid!

Her/me: Shut up!

Guy: Shut up you fucking bitch!

(Noises are heard in the background, followed by shouts of protest)

Her: Get away from me!

(A thud is heard, she’s been knocked to the ground)

Her: No!

(The protests are repeating till they are but a whisper)

I cover my ears, I don’t want to hear anymore but the sound seems to have found a way into my brain. The horror continues.

(Crying is heard, and footsteps echo away) (Tape ends)

I’m rocking in the chair trying not to cry. I remember the alley. I remember what he did to me. Everything was taken from me. My innocence. My will. All of it, gone like smoke.

I stumble out of the building, the rope in my hand.  Since I have taken the rope from the previous building, the other have disappeared. It’s the only one I need.

I make my way to the other building, wiping away burning tears. This building is newer, like a light from the darkness. But why do I feel so scared of it? What secrets does it hold?

I go to the only room I can find, towards the center, and when I open the door I’m greeting by my body, hanging from the ceiling. I’m horrified, my mind reeling. Then the head moves to look at me, her eyes filled with tears. She says something, when the rope suddenly snaps, her body hitting the floor.

Yes, I remember. I remember what I did, and how I failed.

Wake up.

That’s what she said. That’s what I said.

I run over and remove the red rope from her neck trying to wake her at the same time. Wake up.

“Wake up!” I shout.

She opens her eyes, bloody tears streaming down. She grabs me and pulls me close to her face, and I have to try not to scream as It contorts once again like in the classroom.

“You need to wake up. Not me.”


“WAKE UP!” she screams, my fear taking over as I cower away and shut my eyes. I need to get away from here. I just want to go home and wake up in the safety of my room. I want to start over again.

Then I hear a gasp,my own, and I open my eyes again slowly to see the white walls of a hospital room.

I hear the girl’s voice give me one last message, as it fades into the darkness of my mind:

Redemption is yours. Use it wisely.

The End

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