the romantic holiday xxxxx

romantic xxxxxx

One day Alex was going to lanzarote. she was going with her mam her dad and her boyfriend Sam she has been out with sm for 1 month now and alex is 14 and sams 14  they loved each other very much. They had to be up in the morning at 6am because they were flying at 9am Sam and Alex were flat out asleep in bed but Alexs mam woke them up at 5am and they ot ready an went downstairs then Alexs mam and dad put the cases into the car then Sam and Alex got in the back and then Alexs mam and dad got in the front and off they went . In the back of the car it was cold so Sam hugged Alex and Alex hugged Sam because it was cold when they got there they parked the car and went inside the airport where it was warm Alex and Sam held hands all the way until they got onto the plane. Alex and Sam was behind Alexs mam and dad but Alex and Sam snogging and talking to each other. They fell asleep Alex fell asleep on Sams knee.They were in lanzarote they got there cases and got on the bus and they arrived at there hotel Alex and Sam had a room to them selfs and Alexs mam and dad had a room next door to Alex and Sam. They got unpacked and put everything away then Sam got Alex by the shoulders and pushed her on to the bed then sam got on top of her Alex was so shocked sam had never done this to her before Sam took his top off...........

The End

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