The rocking lantern

A trawler adrift and heaing for the rocks signals to the writer, in a time in the future.

Standing on North bay looking out to the North sea with the sea raging that spring afternoon, not as bad as in the  autumn when this search started, the day was misting over as I looked to the sea for guidance, thinking as I had done before that maybe the sea spirits could guide my thought. Some might think me silly for doing this, but in the past, I had come to realise the elemental spirits can help if you let them, as a firm believer in spirituality I was hoping I might be able to see something, as the spirits found me last time.

Sitting on the wall by the Sea life centre and watching the waves, my mind resting with the pleasant sounds of the sea rolling in from afar, and the smell and tastes of the seas all about me, it was easy to drift away and imagine things, that were not there

I was in that semi-conscious area of the mind when I thought I saw something, just catching a glimpse of something out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw a boat heading towards the lighthouse and harbour, but how could I be sure, I hadnt been fully concentrating on anything, that was the key. Trust your senses but let them tell you the story.

The End

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