Rock Story 3

“She came out of the ocean to see Amber and Ash laughing ad smiling at each other. Ash turned and saw how beautiful Rosette was and told her so. ‘We’re going to find mother. Would you like to help?’ He told her and smiled when she said yes…”

Terra and Allie continued taking turns telling the story. They continued it saying that Ash, Amber and Rosette went off under the sea to find Ash’s mother. Allie supplied all the action on how they had to avoid the sea animals and the whirlpools. What they said on the way while Terra told how Ash and Rosette work out their crushes and their feelings. Here was how it went:

After asking Rosette to join him, Ash always kept looking at both of the girl rocks and tried to decide which one he liked best. He was thinking about his when a school of fish appeared and separated them from each other. Rosette and Amber ended up together while Ash went out to look for them. Amber and Rosette talk about their feelings for Ash when he appears. They laugh off the discomfort and continue on. Amber gets sick and only Rosette knows how to cure her. Rosette runs away because she doesn’t know if she wants to, if she does then Amber and Ash will end up together but if she doesn’t she couldn’t live with the guilt knowing that she let Amber die. Finally she agrees to and Amber thanks them. They were almost near the whirlpool when Amber leaves them so that she could survive.

“How could she!” Allie exclaimed.

“She didn’t like Ash the way he thought he did.” Terra explained.

Ash and Rosette jump into the whirlpool together and they are faced with so much pressure that Ash changes into a metamorphic rock. They are washed ashore the island of Ash’s mother but Rosette couldn’t remember who she was. She refused to go anywhere without knowing who she was because she thought Ash told her a lie. Ash tells her he likes her and they continue to find his mother.

They see her and Ash and his mother have a reunion. They tell each other stories when Ash says to his mother that Rosette couldn’t remember anything.. His mother tells him the only way for her to get her memory back was through a kiss. Ash does so and he falls in love with Rosette even if she still can’t remember anything. They live with his mother until one day Rosette remembers everything and smiles because she knows that Ash loves her.

“And they live happily ever after. The end.” They concluded together. They laughed it off together.

“Alls! Look! It stopped raining!” Terra said pointing out the window where the sun was shining. “I guess we didn’t notice. Want to go outside to play?” Terra asked.

Allie shook her head. “No, I want to stay here and make more stories! That is,” she said looking at Terra, “are you up for it?” 


The End

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