where he hadn’t cried. She worked hard to look for information for his mother in the rocknet which is their internet.”

Allie perked up more and more. “Then one day, as they were watching the ocean together, a volcano exploded and million’s of rocks exploded. They were all flying happily above them. Ash wanted to join them but he couldn’t do anything but watch. Suddenly, a rock dropped next to them with a large thud and fire covering it. When the smoke cleared Ash saw the most beautiful rock he had ever seen. The rock was watching Ash too, they stared at each other with wide eyes.

“’You must be Ash. Hi, I’m Amber.’ the rock said. ‘I’ve heard all about you from mother’ Amber said. Ash was surprised. He didn’t know that Amber was his sister! He had an immediate crush on her but now they were gone when he heard it.”

“Nice one.” Terra said. “My turn, he looked at the volcano across the ocean. ‘That’s mother. Where is she?’ he asked. Amber explained to him that his mother was sad when he left. That’s why she sent Amber and her friends to find him. ‘Friends? So, you’re not my sister?’ Amber laughed and said it was silly. “No! Of course not! We live nearby the beach where your mother is.” The crush was back on. Rosette watched this silently but she was really hurt. She liked Ash very much."

Allie smiled apologetically. “Poor Rosette. She couldn’t take it anymore. ‘So, Amber, why did you land here?’ She asked rudely. Amber explained that they had all planned this thoroughly so she was to land here. ‘Your mother didn’t know where you landed so she made sure that we would all land where she thinks you might be.’ Amber said happily, ignoring Rosette’s tone.

“Rosette wasn’t done though ‘How far is his mother?’ She said rolling away from them. Amber pointed out far, ‘Past the whirlpools and through the small trench. We all saw it when we were flying. It isn’t easy to find it though. The island is really small. You might miss it.’ Amber said rolling into the sand. She started shaking —“

“Wait, hold up.” Terra said, interrupting Allie. Allie scowled at her for messing up her moment. “Why was she shaking?”

“I’m getting to that part.”

Terra was embarrassed. “Okay. Carry on.”

And Allie did, “’She was turning into a metamorphic rock’ Rosette told Ash, he watched in awe as she turned into a rock he hasn’t seen before. ‘She’s so pretty.’ Ash said which made Rosette even sadder. She rolled back into the ocean to her family because she felt sad that Ash didn’t like her the way she did.”

Terra was sad for Rosette. “She cried until she changed into a quartzite. The heat at the bottom of the ocean and the pressure of the water currents, transformed her. She was beautiful and red, more beautiful than Amber. She knew Amber turned into gneiss but Ash wouldn’t care.

The End

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