The Rock Story

hehehe, well, we're supposed to do this for science. it's about the rock cycle....not complete yet though....

Terra was bored. There was no other way to say it. It was a rainy day and she had nothing to do. She called her friend Allie but now they were bored together.

            “Nice rock.” Allie commented as Terra pulled out her necklace because it was starting to hurt her neck. Her necklace was a rock attached to a chain, everytime she looked at it, she’d get fond memories of her father, that is before he died.

            “I guess.” She said trying to avoid conversation.

            It seemed as if Allie had an idea, “I know! Let’s make a story!”

            “About what?”

            Allie shrugged. “I don’t know.” She eyed Terra’s rock necklace. “What about your rock? Could we make a story for that?”

            Terra though it over as she watched her best friend waiting expectantly. “There was once a rock named Gaia.” She began.

            Allie smiled with encouragement. “Why Gaia? Why not Ash? I like Ash.” She said. Terra sighed. “Ash then.”

            Allie picked up where Terra left off. “Ash was an igneous rock. He liked reading about volcanoes because he wanted to know where he was from. He kept looking because he was born far away from his mother.”

            “Mother?” Terra asked. “You mean like, the volcano is his mother?”

Allie nodded. “Yeah, he was blown far away. He was formed right beside his mother but he was blown away by a storm. So he doesn’t know his mother and he wants to find her. Sounds familiar, Ter?”

Terra knew Allie was talking about herself. She lived with Terra and her mother as soon as her aunt died. They took her in as her own but Allie still spent time with her grandparents during some months. “Okay, Ash was blown away from his mother so he wants to find her. He reads different books all about the Rock artists. If you’re going to ask.” She interrupted Allie. “It’s rocks who write books and make music and paints. Artists.”

Allie smiled. “Ash had a friend. She was a sedimentary rock. Her name was Rosette. She was rose colored and lived next to the sea. That was where Ash lives. Ash loves to watch the ocean beat across the rock and smiled when he sees birds flying above him.”

Terra was more fascinated in the story. “Rosette loved Ash, she wouldn’t tell him though. She just helps him find his mother so he could be happy. Ash was always sad. He never had a day .....

The End

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