Chapter 2

The rest of my day was pretty boring after that. I mean besides the occasional stomach cramp(probably caused by that mush they call food) and a homework assignment everything seemed normal. That is it was normal until I got to my last class. In my calculus class Cirrus' name was called, but he wasn't there. Why didn't he return to school? I thought. I was only allowed a short time to dwell on that thought before the teacher passed out a pop quiz. After school I took the subway home. I still wasn't fond of the train system, but it was much better than walking. Especially today when I was wearing purple flipflops. The underground train was crowded and only standing room was left. I held onto a bar so I wouldn't fly backwards into the lady behind me talking on her cell phone. The man in front of me smelled. Oh how I hated public transportation. It felt like forever before the subway reached my stop. I got off as quickly as possible. Luckily my apartment was less than a block away from the subway station,
The End

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