The Rock Show

A teenage girl moves to New York City for her dad's work and at her new school she meets a mysterious boy in her creative writing class. Jade wants to get to know him more, but how far will she dive into his personal life?

The Rock Show

Being the new kid is never easy, especially in a huge school in an even huger city. My whole family had to relocate because of the new promotion that my dad got. He works for this important company that produces TV shows. I miss our old house and the fresh air. My mom and my brother love living in the city, but I hate it. Today was my first day at the East Side Community School. My first class was a disaster from the start.  I accidentally ran into a preppy girl while looking at my schedule and she spilled her cappuccino down the front of her shirt. I dropped my books. My second class however went ok. I still don’t know anyone, but there’ll be time for making friends later.  

Now I had third period or creative writing. I sit in the back next to a very odd boy. He has bleached white hair that looked like new fallen snow and his skin was so pale with only a little pink on his cheeks. He was clothed in combat boots, black jeans, a t-shirt and a leather jacket. All the black made him look even paler. This kid had to be emo. When the bell rang I deposited my things in my locker and went to lunch.

The lunch line went quick as the old and gray haired lunch ladies plopped indescribable mush onto my tray. I scanned the lunch room for a place to sit, but every table seemed full. They were also separated into cliques. There were the usual preps, jocks, nerds, emos, losers, and outcasts. Then I spotted an empty seat at a table with five guys who looked like punk rockers. One of them stood out more than the rest. It was the boy from my creative writing class. The one with the white hair. I went over to the table and sat down and all of them stared at me as if they had never seen a girl before. The guy sitting closest to me leaned towards me and said, “Hey, do you come here often?”

I laughed. And the other guys sniggered except for the white haired boy. “The last time I heard that one I fell off of my dinosaur.” I replied. At this the guys full out laughed and a hint of a smile played around the white haired boy’s lips. “Yeah, I never got very far with that pick-up line.” He extended his hand out to me. “I’m Damon.”

I took his hand and shook it. Damon was tall and had broad shoulders. His hair was black and spiky and his eyes were the color of spring grass. “I’m Jade. I’m from Iowa.” Damon gave me an odd look. “You know the state that grows a lot of corn.”

“Oh, all of us are from right here in Manhattan.”

“That’s great. Now what are your names.” I asked as I faced the other guys at the table. A guy with chin length brown hair said, “I’m Dmitry. I play bass guitar for our band.”

“You’re all in a band!” they nodded. “That’s so cool! What do you play Damon?”

“Drums.” He replied.

Then a guy with shaggy black hair said, “My name is Justin, I’m the lead guitarist.”

A Japanese boy with an emo haircut said, “I’m Toushiro and I’m the keyboardist. Toushiro had a fully American accent even though he was Japanese.

“Everyone has introduced themselves except you.” I said to the white haired boy.

For the first time since I had met him he looked up at me and shook his hair away from his eyes. They were beautiful. His eyes were the most perfect shade of electric blue. They seemed to glow against his pale skin.

“Why?” he asked.

“Just tell her your name dude.” Said Damon.

His eyes pierced me as he said, “my name is Cirrus Hale.”

“Are you in the band too?”

He nodded. “I’m the lead singer.”

“How do you get your hair like that?” I asked.

“I’m albino.” He mumbled.

Suddenly his cell phone went off. Cirrus flipped it open and held it to his ear. “What?” he asked. The person on the other end talked for a while and his eyes got wide and then they were blazing with anger. He slammed the phone shut and shoved it into his pocket, and he stormed out of the lunch room.

“What was all that about?” I asked Damon.

“Well…I’m not for sure, but I think it was Major Hale. He probably needed Cirrus to pick up Mhera from day care.” He said.

“Who are they?”

“Do you Iowans always ask so many damn questions?” Dmitry asked.

I nodded. I wanted to know more about Cirrus. He fascinated me, but I realized I might have pushed a little too far into his personal information so I decided to change the subject. “What’s the name of your band?”

Justin answered. “We’re called the “Street rats.” What kind of music do you like?”

I had to think about that. “I like rock, alternative, country pop, classic rock, and basically anything except rap.”

“Wow that’s a lot of music. Hey maybe you could be our manager! Cirrus says we don’t need one, but we really do.” Damon said.

“That sounds great.” I said just before the bell rang.




The End

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