The Pine trees.

His phone lay on the leather passengers seat next to him.   He glances at it occasionally, hoping it would light up with a phone call - but it never does.

He picks the phone up and listens to the one voicemail he has saved; it's her voice.  Over and over again, he repeats that one voicemail - and every time he listens to it, he misses her more, he yearns for her to return.

Though she won't; he wishes she could with all of his soul but she won't.  As he battles with himself, blaming himself for her not returning, her voice echoes those words in his mind; goodbye.

He clenches the phone in his hand, his knuckles changing colour from pink to white and he shouts with all his anger, hitting the steering wheel repeatedly until his hands are sore.  A black bird darts from the pine tree, screeching  as it flies; and silence envelopes around him.

He stops the car in its tracks and gets out.  The crunching of the snow is briefly heard before being extinguished by the silence and the cold air nips at his face and hands.

Aligned neatly in rows, he looks at the pine trees that tower above him - they have watched many a people pass them by, each and every single one burdened with their own worries, their own fears, their own sadness.  How much more can they watch?  As long as they still stand where they are, they will continue to watch people pass by.  And he; he is another one that the pine trees watch pass by.

Looking back at where he has come from, he cannot tell where it is, as that place he left is so far behind, it doesn't exist to him anymore.  None of it exists anymore to him, except her; but he knows that he must forget her too, because she has forgotten about him when she left him that voicemail.

Reluctance bugs him to get into the car, the warmth embraces him when the door blocks the cold from following him and he stares at the road ahead of him.

It is a long road that lays ahead of him; he wishes that she could be there with him to travel it, but she has said her goodbye and allowed him to leave it all behind him.  The pine trees still stand where they are and they watch him pass by.

As he drives, he picks up the phone and listens to the voicemail once more - her words, soft and gentle to his ear are the last words he will ever hear from her as he deletes the message and drives on leaving her behind; but not in his mind, she will always be in his mind forever.

The End

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