The road.

Over the past few days, it has been very cold and frosty where I live. For some reason, I have had this image go through my mind as I walked to work, with Valentine's Day approaching; so here it is...

The sky is full of clouds and white in colour; the pine trees lining each side of the road are dusted with snow.  The snow covers the road, bar two black lines where cars have driven over it before.

A crow emerges from one of the trees and darts across the sky - its black silhouette outlined against the brilliant white of the sky.

He sits in his car with the heater on and the humming noise of the engine can be heard in the background.  The car rocks from side to side as the tyres trace the outline of the road, finding the dips and bumps that scars across its face.  The windscreen wipers move from left to right as they push the snow falling from the trees towering above, out of the way.  

He looks into his rearview mirror and sees the track he makes over the snow; hope fills his body that she will follow him, but minutes pass by and nothing appears.

The row of pine trees never end - tree after tree they appear, and tree after tree they disappear behind him.  He turns the radio on, a CD is left in the radio which begins playing.  A chuckle escapes his mouth as he hears the song, 'You are in love' by Taylor Swift.  Hesitance grabs his hand as he struggles to change the song, to change the CD; but hesitance wins and he leaves it playing in the background, along with the humming of the engine.

He looks over to the passengers seat and hopes to find her sitting there with him, smiling back at him. Her long brown hair tied into a ponytail, with only a few stray strands tucked behind her ear; her hazel eyes staring at him, full of emotion and her hands soft and warm clutching at his.  Reality strikes across his face as his comes to his senses, he realises that she isn't there with him, never will be.

Hours pass by as he continues to drive and all the while he can't stop thinking about her.  He remembers the soft, delicate touch of her hands on his face, the warm touch of her lips on his, the sweet smell of her perfume on his clothes.  

Sadness creeps in through the cracks of his body and invades his heart; his heart, which was once full of love and warmth, was now turned to ice.

The End

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