The River That Never Fades

For when the sunset rises and the river flows, the first thing you see besides the frosty morning dew, is the orange untidy sun that reflects with the dawn and vanishing stars on the bed of water it lay. Open the entrance to which releases the old air for anew. Breathe. The fulfilling moment after you awake, realizing that your essence has become cleansed. The river’s air has always made a peaceful neighboring because there is a notion that it’ll never die.

There is a distance blocked by trees, there is a massive window that gives you the complete scenery and there is a bench on a beach. Here are many opportunities to seek this reflection and ponder; the adventure is yours. As the day goes by, as the morning balances night, and as people weaken, swift the river remains.

The river is the only place to locate where portions of sense and feeling are complete. You comprehend multiple things through observing such effects that are dubious questions in thought. Once you and the solitary encircling discover the realm to which you belong, you recognize the combination of conscious and sub-conscious segments put together; increasing the mind’s imagination and finally, creating your own philosophy of extinction, existence and devotion.

The End

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