The River Styx

This is based around a very vivid dream I had a while back, I'm not an expert in Greek mythology, but my brain at night seems to believe it is...

It's a Wednesday. What more can I say? Wednesday is already decidedly mid-week, but when paired with the decidedly lukewarm weather and my decidedly empty calender it becomes a very depressing day indeed. Not that other days are any different. I never do anything with my weekends, I don't get asked, and I don't really see the need to anyway. Maybe I don't feel strongly enough about my boredom to end it? Well that would be a sorry situation. But theres nothing wrong with television.

I would take the dog for a walk, but as I don't have one it might prove a challenge. I would go into work, but I just got fired. Oh no, sorry, I mean 'made redundant'. I was barely out of the door when they put up the new help wanted sign. Maybe it's a lack of enthusiasm. Whats there to be so happy about anyway? I could call some of my old friends, but then they would probably be all 'Oh lets do something!'. 'Something' isn't really my scene. Could call my mother. Not going to though.

It's not like I don't have options, I just choose not to take them. I've been living alone like this for years now, I've never really done much... But whats wrong with pot-noodle and reality T.V I ask myself, sitting down in my lounge chair. I can't find the remote. I should get up and look for it, but I think I'll just sit here for a bit. As I look out into the streets through my window, it's like a grey monster has come along and consumed any colour or  inspiration in this world of mine. Fair enough I suppose, if that's what it likes to do. As I look over onto my coffee table I see a book I don't remember buying.

'Greeks Myths and Legends'

Well I don't normally read, but it's in arms length, so I guess it'll waste some time. It's not like I have anything else to do.

Next thing I know I'm being sucked into a world very different to my own! Heroes battling hideous creatures, damsels in distress and all that malackey had me transfixed. The chapters on Hades and the after-life make my skin crawl. I picture in my head the dread that must be felt by people as they cross the river Styx and shudder. Soon enough it's getting dark, and I can no longer read the book in front of me. Darkness makes it difficult. I get up to go and turn the light on, but on my way I figure why bother? I'm getting up anyway, might as well go to bed.

As I pass by my front door on the way upstairs however, I hear a slight rattle, and a leaflet comes through my door. I normally wouldn't pick it up, there's about another hundred of them on my mat that I can't be bothered to look at, but this one caught my eye. It was fairly normal, just some advert for train tours. But for some reason, the tag-line made me look twice...

'What is the point in being there, when you could be here?'

The End

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