How much I regretted it. That particular day my life changed. I regretted being sitting down in that Biology class, at the wrong moment, and next to the wrong guy.

"Hey." The guy said in a deep voice.

I looked at him. "Yes?" I asked annoyed. Simple because I was trying to pay as much attention to the professor.

"Wanna hang out after class?" He asked with a smile.

I don't quite remember the last time someone asked me to hang out. I'm always busy with school. I'm used to being the perfect student. Always getting A+ in ever Test, Quiz and Project. I didn't wanted to lose focus of my dream, becoming a doctor some day. But, I kind of miss going out. Maybe a small break will do good to me.

"What do you have in mind?" I asked interested.

"You'll see. But I assure you, it will be something that you'll never forget." He paused. "I'm Daniel, by the way."

"My name's Aiden." I replied.

Daniel was right. It was something I would never forget. Because my life went to hell after that. Now, I'm stuck in this Rehab Center. I struggled  each night to sleep. I couldn't get out of my head how much I screwed my life up. Doing cocaine? And becoming addicted to it? What was I thinking?! I hated Daniel but I hated myself even more for being too weak to say no. My chances of being a doctor were few now. These were all the thoughts I had over and over again each night.

"Screw it." I said while getting out of bed. I walked towards the water fountain and onto the river. The moonlight hitting my brown hair and tan skin. I loved going there. It always brought me some peace and helped me clear up my mind. But, once I got there, the place wasn't looking that peaceful. A blonde guy was facing this other guy, in a threatening way.

"Hey." I said. Hoping to intervene and cool down whatever was happening between them.

The End

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