Waking Up

A collab with @Mr_Ansy_Pansy

Really excited to do a collab for once ^-^

  I stared down at a man, standing at about six feet, having black, messy hair. He was very thin, the only source of color coming from his wide eyes, an emerald green that pierced through the night. His lifeless stare not breaking as a medic zipped up the black bag that now surrounded his body, his face disappearing like his drained soul.

  That man is me.

  My scream of panic couldn't be heard, luckily due to the closed metal door and the thick walls surrounding me as well as the dresser to my left, the TV in front of me and the sweat soaked bed that I laid in. I took a deep sigh of relief and wiped the beads of sweat from my forehead.

  Just another nightmare. I must have post traumatic stress or something. This is the third time this week that I had this dream, forgetting reality every time I enter this seemingly never ending nightmare.

  I slowly climbed out of the bed, my bare feet lightly hitting the tile floor. I walked over, sliding on my tan slippers and opening the door. A light echo of the door opening could be heard through the dark halls as I quietly walked pass the other rooms and to the exit to the front yard of the rehabilitation center.

  I opened the double doors to reveal a large water fountain, water flowing down to the bottom like a waterfall. A pebbled path led to the fountain and circled around it before the path broke off in three directions. I already felt myself starting to calm down as I walked down the three large steps and onto the path.

  I then slowly began walking around the water fountain, my eyes never leaving it until I was ahead of the wonderful monument. I then took the left path and walked for some time through cherry blossom trees that guided down each of the paths. The pink leaves making the scene beautiful along with the bright, full moon above.

  I eventually reached a river, about three feet wide and only two feet deep at most. The river elongated both ways and the ending was unseen.

  Three benches were placed in front of the river, about a yard separated each one. Sitting at the end of the middle bench was a tall man that's face was not revealed due to his back facing me. He wore a leather jacket and had blonde hair. A thin wisp of smoke lead just in front of him and into the sky above him.

  "Are you smoking?" I asked, confused since that was obviously not permitted here.

  "What, its not weed..." A deep voice said.

  What a stupid response.

  "So?" I replied. "Its still not allowed"

  "You going to tell or something?" He asked in a threatening manner.


  "Then buzz off."

  He flicked the shortened cigarette into the river and I rolled my eyes.

  "Oh aren't you the bad boy..."

  "Is that sarcasm?" He chuckled and stood up, turning to face me, revealing his face for the first time.

The End

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