Real Home

Original Author: Tiggerstripn2

The tree; she opened her hand and stared at her palm.
“It is me” she said astonished.
Where, why, what happened to the water she asked a little frightened to hear the answer?
He smiled.
Please bring it back she begged.
Only you can bring it back Stacy.

Slow down you have plenty of time Frank said calmly.
You have to come with, back to your real home.
You’ve obtained all the knowledge possible here in the mortal realm.
Frank held out his hand, “take it, close your eyes and clear your mind”.

She closed her eyes; trembling she slowly reached for his hand.
At first touch; confusion swirled aimlessly,untamed in her mind.
She begain to focus; sight’s and sounds rushed through her head, filling it with her past.
Home; she whispered “real home”.

You remember; don’t you Stacy?

The End

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