A short story.

I have always been drawn to her and done what she asks of me, though she will probably tell you differently. I was proud, obsessed, and devious. I hurt her as well as others and yet she continued to love me with a fire I had never thought was possible. I do not deserve her. But even as I write this she tells me how very wrong I am.

Every night after she dons her satin nightgown, a wedding present, she asks me to recall how we first met. And I happily comply. Although she knows the story well (she lived it after all), she laughs, cries, and smiles as if it were the first time. Perhaps she is just reliving the moments as I tell them. Anyway, it delights me to know I bring so much joy into her life when I easily could have taken it all away. But she tells me what was meant to be is meant to be.

So now, with her blessing and support, I share our story with you and pray you also learn a thing or two from it. It is a story about a wealthy factory-owner’s proud son, the independent free-spirit that would forever change his life, and a river called Cam.

The End

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