Midnight Train

Jessie has made the journey many times before. Crossing from one side to the next was easy for him.
The dangers between this realm and the next were incomparable to what a normal person is used to. Would he be able to guide her, a true and innocent soul, through to safety on the other side? And where will he be taking her? He himself did not know, and it would all be dependent on his diligence within the first few days.

“This seems to be taking longer than usual.” Jessie observed to himself as the giant train screeched to a halt. He rubbed the fogged-up glass window to try and see the platform at least. All he could see were fields of darkness.
As the train pulled away from the deserted station, he turned his fair blue eyes to Kate, taking in her beauty as she slept. Her pitch black hair framing her pale face, her rosebud lips slightly apart the deep breath of sleep filling her lungs. He wished for the simple times again, he wished she was not involved in this.
He stood, stretching, bending his tall muscular frame, so not to hit his head on the low roof.
Suddenly, he lost balance, the entire carriage falling, screeching of metal on metal, sparks and the smell of panic lit up the night. Jessie reached for Kate, scrambling against gravity to get to her. He had to rescue her. They had not reached their destination; she must not wake up, not here.
The blinding flash of light signalled the necessity of their exit. The paralysed train had finally screeched to a stop on its side, blocking the exit door. Kate was securely in her seat, the seat belt having saved her from injury. Using his steel toed boots, he kicked the window out with ease, thanking his lucky stars this train was old – no bullet proof glass.
He sprung out the window, taking the defensive position as he landed. He paused, his senses poised, waiting for anything out of the ordinary, a sound, a smell. He looked at his watch, she would wake soon. He had to hurry, had to get her to a safe place where she could wake, take in the news, and not be fearful of what was to come.

The End

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