Demonic Sheep, Spherical Stars, Humans Suck.

Ridiculo, God of the Absurd, has turned his gaze to the Earth. The Gaza Strip is flooded with ice cream of various flavours. But that's just the start...

There's a lot of things humans don't know about the universe. 

For example, humans are not aware that their ridiculous overlord has been roaming the universe in a chariot pulled by demonic sheep since before time was created. The creation of time is a pretty funny story, but it's irrelevant for now.

You see, Ridiculo has long been the Master of the Universe. In his infinite randomness, he created the universe to serve as a sandbox for his insane and wacky ideas. The idea of spherical stars, for example, was completely unheard of in the other universes - who prefer to stick to the traditional star-shaped stars. 

Ridiculo  cares not for physics or realtiy. He seeks the absurd, the random and the downright nonsensical. And now, in his vast playground, he roams from galaxy to galaxy - adding a little bit of random to every world he encounters. Now, Ridiculo and his demonic sheep are riding steadily across the cosmos to one tiny, insignificant planet: Earth.

In all his journeys, Ridiculo had never before encountered such a serious planet. It is a planet capable of great evil - the holocaust, the slave trade for instance. But it is also a planet with the potential for silliness. America elected George W. Bush twice, after all. All Earth needs is a push in the right direction.

The End

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