The Rise of ManifestationMature

The Tragic Saga of Little One. Dark Fantasy. Rough Draft of Page 1.

Sunrise had always been Hunter’s favorite time of day. He has always snuck out of the cottage a half an hour before sunrise to seek out his favorite spot. The land his parents cottage was built on came with several acres of land that extended into the forest that rested behind the home. Tracing the same path he has taken since he was ten years old he knew the ground below his feet as well as he knew himself. He eyed the row of hanging ivies that cascaded over a fallen tree and ducked underneath to a hidden dirt path. Still darkness penetrated the ground but Hunter never paused. All the noises in the early hours were like a lullaby to him, soft and ambient, a pre dawn serenade. Keeping perfect pace he rounded a large boulder that caused the path to split around it. Feeling extra spirited he picked up the speed and sprinted the last hundred feet to the clearing he was searching for. Nothing was quite like the opening he had found in the forest so many years ago. The trees that circled the rather spacious field seemed to form a perfect circle. In the middle of the grassy meadow was a lone stone pile with larger boulders on the bottom and medium sized ones adding extra heights and a sitting spot. Kicking upwards Hunter made short work of climbing the all to familiar structure. Many times he had asked himself how this had come to be here and never could seem to understand the mystery of it. Sitting on the farther left edge of the boulder he dangled his feet over it lightly swaying them as he waited. Slowly the sky drifted from deep blue to light purple before bursting as the first ray of sun broke the horizon. In a brilliance of deep red and vibrant oranges the sky seemed to be letting out a yawn. As the sun climbed higher, the brilliance of the blue started to bleed over the other colors. The sun rested on Hunter’s face, his dirty blonde hair catching rays and setting it a shimmer. His brilliant green eyes blazed as he stared off into the distance. Soaking in the sun on his slightly bronzed skin shown like warm honey. Peacefully he closed his eyes as he had done hundreds of times before and tilted his head backwards to enjoy the beautiful sounds of the forest. Immediately he entire body froze, unable to move, and overcome with bone chilling fear. The first thing he recognized was that he could not hear anything, not the gentle rustles of the leaves on the tree, nor the soft chirping of birds just waking for the day. Just a painfully silent deafness, an absolute emptiness of anything. He strained and could not even hear his heartbeat though he knew it was jack hammering. Before he could register what was happening a deep and strong voice spoke inside his head.

“The time has come Little One. In three days time you will return here. You will comeback broken. Spiritually. Mentally. Emotionally. On this day you will leave all you have ever known behind.”The voice was deadpan and matter of fact. For reasons he could not even fathom Hunter knew what he spoke was the truth.

The End

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