Ganith Thiefbone

Ganith Thiefbone was the first of the oddlings on the mountain and a citizen of the ruined kingdom of Cadleigh. The yearly readings had been required by the Fates since the beginning but they had not provided a separate kingdom for the oddlings. Ganith was seventeen when he was told his destiny and instead of heading down the trail to the mountain, he returned home to his mother.

In the following months and years, his reputation as a pickpocket and resurrectionist grew until he was given the surname “Thiefbone.” When he was caught stealing the body of Ikar the Bludgeoner, he was brought before the king to be put to death. But King Eiridan – who has been told a dark fate by the Fates himself and was allegedly suffering from a brain sickness – spared him and appointed him an advisor.

Ganith became head of trade in the kingdom and was leading a trade expedition to East Lowes when King Eiridan locked the kingdom gates and set his castle ablaze. When the traders returned to Cadleigh, they tried to break through the doors but the metal was too strong and the walls were too high to scale. When they looked to Ganith, he was already gone.

No other kingdom would take him in, especially after word of King Eiridan’s actions had spread. There was a gathering of kings and it was decided that all citizens with dark destinies were no longer citizens of their kingdoms and should be removed. The old king from Raynehold gave them the name “oddlings” to give the citizens an opportunity to throw out any individual found to be strange. And they did. In fact, the kingdoms exiled hundreds of extra people who perished wandering in the woods.

The true oddlings found each other and headed deeper into the forest, to the mountains. They found a way to survive and carved a stone home in the base of a mountain. Largely, the oddlings have always existed without a central leader. But, in the beginning, Ganith was king. He made trade agreements with outlaws and was the first human to make an alliance with the trolls.

Ganith lived for three hundred years. He oversaw the creation of Stone Mountain and wrote much of the code the oddlings lived by. He was admired by the oddlings and reviled by the citizens. Bloodshed was common in the early years and Ganith was slain defending the entrance to the mountain.

The End

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